Announcing the GCUC 2013 speaker lineup. Stay tuned for more amazing faces.

Brian Meece

Brian Meece plays a mean ukulele and is the CEO of RocketHub, one of the world’s top crowdfunding platforms.

He has lectured on crowdsourced funding at SXSW, TEDxBrooklyn, Columbia University, Makers Faire, among other colleges, conferences and institutions. His goal? To teach entrepreneurs how to leverage the crowd for funding their endeavors.

RocketHub is known as The World’s Crowdfunding Machine. The company has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Nature, Scientific American, NPR, Wired, Nature, The Economist, CNN, The Washington Post, ABC News, USA Today, etc. while helping thousands of funding campaigns raise millions of dollars globally.

Iris Kavanaugh

Iris holds the distinction of being “Employee #1” at NextSpace. She joined the team in early 2009 and quickly became the one who made sure that the trains ran on time.

Iris brought order to the early entrepreneurial chaos of NextSpace. Using calendaring systems, standardized email infrastructure, online collaborative software, a wee bit of whip-cracking, and a lot of tact, Iris ensured that NextSpace was a well-oiled machine.

As NextSpace grew, Iris saw a need for a better way to organize, track, and manage our members. Not satisfied with the available off-the-shelf solutions, Iris led and managed an eighteen-month process to develop NextSpace’s proprietary membership management software, affectionately known as M.O.O.S.E. This effort is a crucial piece of NextSpace’s ability to scale quickly.

Iris also brought to the table her knack for facilitating and fostering relationships between NextSpace members and for connecting them with the resources they need to be successful. Indeed, Iris’s ability to foster a thriving community, while balancing the needs of a for-profit business, is an indispensible skill and a core competency she trained the entire team on.
Now, Iris is the day-to-day leader of Team NextSpace. She sets and maintains NextSpace company and community culture. She trains and manages the team, ensuring that the NextSpace experience is consistent across all of our locations. And she continues to create The NextSpace Effect among our members and the greater coworking community.

As the emerging coworking industry continues to evolve, Iris devotes a portion of her time to building community within the informal network of coworking owners and operators. Through fostering relationships, offering guidance on a wide range of business and community issues and working to unite the coworking community with more traditional forms of corporate work culture Iris is continuing to source new partnership opportunities for NextSpace.

Gervais Tompkin

A Principal with the global design firm Gensler, Gervais is a creative talent with a passion for both intuitive understanding and scientific rigor.

As a leader of Gensler Consulting Gervais applies a research based design process to complex design problems. He is an expert on emerging global work styles and workplace.

Some recent projects include:

  • Fostering human relationships in an increasingly virtual world of work
  • Developing the ROI of physical and emotional health in the workplace
  • Researching how multi-disciplinary scientific communities collaborate
  • Improving the airport experience by focusing on user behaviors
  • Creating new building and use prototypes for the Central Business District
  • Supporting a shift from post crime forensics to pre crime intelligence

Alex Hillman
Indy Hall

Alex Hillman is the co-founder of Philadelphia’s Indy Hall, one of the world’s most respected coworking communities.

Alex is the creator and lead instructor of the Community Builder Masterclass, a bootcamp-style course for community builders, managers, and corporations seeking to build a robust and powerful culture of participation. He’s also the co-author The Business of Community, a book that distills the techniques for building a symbiotic relationship between a business and a community cultures.

He shares his no-nonsense flavor of thinking about coworking, community, & the future of business on his blog dangerouslyawesome.com.

Derek Neighbors

Derek Neighbors is a serial entrepreneur who helps people bring ideas to reality.

Derek co-founded Gangplank, a collaborative workspace, in 2008 to help encourage local creatives to explore innovative ideas and create what they are passionate about. He is a partner at Integrum Technologies, a consulting services firm, that helps companies build high performing teams to compete in the new economy. He teaches entrepreneurship at Arizona State University.

Harsh Mehta

Harsh Mehta co-founded OfficeLinks in 2003 and fast established the company as a leading provider of 21st Century Workspace.

The firm, which started with a single floor in New York City, now has five premier locations in Manhattan and one in Chicago at the Willis (Sears) Tower.

A force of change within the workspace-as-a-service category, Harsh is OfficeLinks’ visionary. He draws upon a powerful combination of people, facilities and technology to provide a workspace solution where Business Thrives.  As such, thousands of small to mid-sized and large firms use OfficeLinks’s solution as a core tool to optimize performance and gain a competitive advantage.

Harsh earned a degree in finance from Baruch College and started his business in the same city where he was educated. He is a member of the Board of Directors for the Global Workspace Association and is a founding member of the Office Business Center Association of New York (now Workspace Association of New York), which was recognized nationally for two years as the most successful local chapter for the organization.

While running OfficeLinks occupies most of his time, Harsh also believes it’s important to reach out and help others in need. He is an active participant in the Light of Life Trust, a non-profit organization that serves orphaned and underprivileged single-parent children and battered women. With an ear and passion for music, on a typical night you may find Harsh checking out his favorite up and coming bands in New York’s Lower East Side. His aesthetic prowess may be seen in the interior design and art at each of OfficeLinks’ locations.

Ronen Olshansky
Cross Campus

Ronen is an entrepreneur with a background in finance and technology, and a passion for working with early stage companies.

He is the co-founder and CEO of Cross Campus, a vibrant hub of collaboration, education and inspiration that launched in Los Angeles last fall. Purpose-built around the needs of entrepreneurs, Cross Campus is both an environment and community that empowers entrepreneurs to build great businesses.

Previously, Ronen was a founder or executive at a number of early stage companies in the software, real estate, cleantech and non profit sectors. It wasn’t until a few years out of college, years spent working for massive companies, some of which no longer exist today (Lehman Brothers, Arthur Andersen), that Ronen began to pursue riskier ventures. From that point, he has worked as programmer and software architect, salesman and CFO and his work has taken him to places like London, Moscow and Brazil. Cross Campus is the culmination of this journey and gives Ronen the opportunity to pursue his true passion – that of working closely with entrepreneurs.

Ronen graduated from Yale University with a degree in Economics. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst, a mentor at the LA Cleantech Incubator, a board member of the Yale Club of Los Angeles, and an advisor to various local startups. In his spare time, he has no spare time, to the chagrin of his loving, supportive wife and their two-year-old son.

Clay Spinuzzi
Professor at UT

Clay Spinuzzi is a professor of rhetoric and writing at the University of Texas at Austin.

He studies how people organize, communicate, collaborate, and innovate at work. Spinuzzi has conducted multiple workplace studies, resulting in several articles and three books: Tracing Genres through Organizations (MIT Press, 2003); Network (Cambridge University Press, 2008); and Topsight (Amazon CreateSpace, 2013). He blogs at spinuzzi.blogspot.com.

Gene Zaino
MBO Partners

Gene Zaino is an accomplished and nationally recognized expert in the independent contract workforce market.

Gene has served on the expert advisory board for the Human Capital Institute. He is the champion of the State of Independence report and the annual MBO Partners Independent Workforce Index — the first-ever comprehensive research initiative focused on tracking category growth, trends, and career issues for independent workers in America. His workforce expertise is frequently featured at industry events and in mainstream publications and television networks, including Harvard Business Review, the New York Times, Money Magazine, Forbes, the Washington Business Journal, CNNfn and USA Today.

An avid entrepreneur, Gene graduated cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Economics (BSE). After launching his career at KPMG Peat Marwick as a CPA
and management consultant, he spent more than two decades building various consulting companies, some funded by financial luminaries Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Austin Ventures, and Goldman Sachs. He currently serves as
President & CEO of MBO Partners, and recently was recognized as a Top 100 influencer in the world of contingent employment by Staffing magazine.

Brian Mac Mahon
Your Office Agent

Brian Mac Mahon is the CEO of innovative workspace advisory service, Your Office Agent.

His company are not only one of the biggest introducers of new clients to the Coworking and executive suite industry, but they also advise and help all flexible space facilities improve profit margins by sharing their 15 years of experience in the industry. Their coveted Profit Plus plan normally focuses on improving the management of current facilities but also includes finding new locations all over the world for existing and new coworking operators.

Your Office Agent has a presence in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, New York and London and are expanding rapidly along with the help of their coworking partners. The secret of Brians rapid expansion throughout the recession is mainly due to his reliance on Pay it Forward. intrigued. You should be.

John Arenas
Serendipity Labs

John has brought ground breaking innovations to the corporate real estate and hospitality industries.

He serves as CEO of Serendipity Labs, a network of corporate coworking and collaboration venues.

Prior to Serendipity Labs, John was founder and CEO of Worktopia, a venture backed technology company offering real-time booking of meeting rooms, workspace, in business centers and group hotel room-blocks in 86,000 hotels.

In 2009, John was named one of the 25 Most Influential Executives in Business Travel for his work in connecting the small meeting marketplace for corporate buyers via American Express Travelocity Business and others.

John did not invent coworking, but he did serve as President and GM of Regus Americas after they acquired his franchised business center chain which operated in 11 states.

Prior work included Commercial Real Estate Construction with Turner and Real Estate Finance with Citigroup.

David Walker

David is the co-founder of Conjunctured, Austin’s first coworking space. Since its opening in July 2008, Conjunctured has embraced a personality of fun and friendship.

But, more importantly, Conjunctured has embraced a personality of “let’s make big things happen.”

Ascribing to cultural principles of openness, community empowerment, trust, and creativity, much of what has transpired at Conjunctured has been a result of a leadership approach of “hmm…why not? Let’s see what will happen.” As coworking has grown over the years, Conjunctured has maintained a commitment to its style of coworking, which has found a strong following in Austin.

Prior to Conjunctured, David graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a marketing degree from the McCombs School of Business. A serial creator since age 16, he has run other businesses in the past, where he learned how to believe in himself and his power to create. It wasn’t until Conjunctured that he learned how to believe in others and their power to surprise. David is passionate about expression, empowerment, and progress.

Tony Bacigalupo
New Work City

Tony Bacigalupo is cofounder and Mayor of New Work City, a coworking space in NYC.

Along with Alex Hillman and Adam Teterus of IndyHall, he also helps people develop better leadership skills with the Community Builder Masterclass. Tony has been championing the global coworking movement since 2007, organizing and hosting Jellies, Meetup groups, and countless other gatherings online and off, while also traveling the world speaking at conferences and other events.

In 2009, he co-authored “I’m Outta Here: How coworking is making the office obsolete,” and is currently developing an idea to rally coworking communities around an effort to address the global job crisis through the creation of creative independent careers.

Mark Gilbreath

Mark Gilbreath is the founder and CEO/Skipper of LiquidSpace.

Mark studied electrical engineering out east and spent twenty years at a series of technology companies in Silicon Valley before discovering the wild and wonderful world of coworking and workplace strategy. In 2008 he opened the first Coworking space in Boise ID. (long story) While that project is now but a memory it produced the inspiration for LiquidSpace.

Jean-Yves Huwart
Global Enterprise

Jean-Yves Huwart is an expert in organisation models, social communication and innovation ecosystems.

Global Enterprise, his Brussels based consulting company, organizes the Coworking Europe Conference.The 2012 edition was held in Paris and gathered more than 300 participants.

Jean-Yves Huwart operates his own coworking space in his home town of Namur, Belgium.

Besides his coworking activities, Jean-Yves Huwart is the organizer of the international Intrapreneurship Conference. He has written four books and, the last years, made contributions in many reports and studies.

Jean-Yves Huwart is firmly convinced that coworking will help to reshape citie’s local dynamics, corporation architectures, entrepreneurship and innovation networks.

Benjamin Dyett

Benjamin was a mild-mannered lawyer who woke up one day and, together with
some partners, decided, Hey, let’s change the future of work.

So, along with his friends, Stuart and Karina, and Co:, Cool Hunting,
Behance, Magic + Might and Breakfast, he created Grind, a platform for
working in a whole new way, outside the system. Built for free-range humans
who carry their offices in their backpacks, Grind is the antidote to
everything you knew about work. It¹s dedicated to taking all of the
frustrations of the old work experience and pulverizing them to a dust so
fine it actually oils the wheels of the machine (sorry, old work experience,
but you had it coming).
Grind #1 is located at 29th and Park Avenue South in Manhattan. It has 100+
workspaces‹from desks you can crank at to couches you can lounge on to
conference rooms you can kibitz in‹and a lot of really big windows (light is
good). Other Grind locations are in the works for New York (West side), Los
Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and Washington, DC.
Throughout his career, Benjamin has founded, funded, operated and advised
successful start-ups. He has long experience in real estate and corporate
law, has represented financial institutions and prominent businesspeople,
owned his own consulting firm, and has always been at the epicenter of where
business and imagination meet.

Ramón Suárez

Ramon is the cofounder of the Betagroup Coworking space located in Brussels.

Betagroup is a space created around the largest community of Internet, tech and mobile professionals and entrepreneurs in Brussels. Entrepreneur and marcom professional, he actively promotes the Belgian tech startup ecosystem through different initiatives and is now driving the Betagroup. The coworking space was born on the first day of the first Coworking Europe conference in 2010.

Angel Kwiatkowski

Up until recently my bio would read “As the Founder and “Madame” of Cohere it’s my job to run the day to day of the business.

Whilst helping the members connect with one another via personal introductions, educational events and social parties.”

Now my bio would read, “Tries desperately to go in to Cohere for 2 hours a week while being a wife to my traveling husband and mother to our 13 month old daughter. In between sleep deprivation and making up songs with non-nonsensical lyrics I spend a good chunk of my day in front of a high chair and asking questions online about cloth diapering, teething or let’s be honest, poop.

Amy Braden
Plug & Play

Amy Braden is the owner of Plug & Play, a coworking space with an onsite hourly childcare and preschool, located in North Austin.

With close to fifteen years of experience working for large corporations, she knows the toll that the corporate lifestyle can take on families. When her son was born over 3 years ago, she didn’t want to leave him at a full-time childcare after only six weeks. She wasn’t ready for that, but in order to negotiate working from home a couple of days a week, she had to find flexible childcare to match.

She was unsuccessful; no one took babies under 12 months part-time. So she cobbled together a schedule and it was tough. She thought, “I can’t be the only working parent with a young baby who needs part time help!” It didn’t seem too much to want, but since it wasn’t available, she created it herself. This journey has been a labor of love for her– knowing that they can help other parents just like her, trying to meet the demands of working while finding the time and space to raise a family.

Carsten Foertsch

Carsten is founder of Deskmag. With his academic background as a social scientist, he likes to discover new trends in urban affairs and the creative labor market.

Those two things just happen to be perfectly combined in coworking: to revive both, the labor market and livable cities. Instead of just analyzing the concept of coworking, he decided to be a part of it, by putting it on the web through Deskmag. He is also co-founder of Deskwanted, the biggest web-portal to find coworking spaces, which was “taken over” by a company of Deutsche Telekom, one of Europe’s biggest telecommunications company.

Lucrece Borrego
Kitchen Incubators
The Brewery Incubators

Lucrece is the founder of Kitchen Incubator, the original co-working space for food and most recently, The Brewery Incubator.

This is the world’s first co-working brewery and collaborative brewpub. Lucrece’s passion is micro-entrepreneurship with a focus on food and beverage. After working in investment banking in New York, Lucrece left to pursue a culinary career. Upon interning in a prestigious Manhattan kitchen, she discovered that culinary artists needed specialized guidance that her Babson business education and background in corporate advisory could provide.

Raised on a family ranch in New Mexico, food has always been an important part of her life. Although her passion for good beer was innate, Lucrece was attracted to craft brewing due to the hands-on craftsmanship that defines the industry and the special challenges that aspiring brewer entrepreneurs face.

Lucrece is proud to be part of the co-working, crowd funding and craft business revolution and looks forward to the future that these changes will bring.

Chris Mumford
Launch Chapel Hill

Chris founded Joe Start up, a street smart entrepreneurial education website. It includes whiteboard animation, easy-to-use start up plan builder & social network.

During the last 15 years, Mumford founded several businesses in the US and Asia. He served in roles as CEO, CFO, COO, VP Sales and VP Design while raising over $30 million from Angel, VC and Private Equity for several projects. He was an investment banker for 7 years. His experience includes consumer products, technology, education, and social networks. Mumford is also the cofounder of Launch Chapel Hill, aventure lab and co-working space.

He grew up in Chapel Hill NC where he graduated from UNC-CH with a degree in Philosophy with Honors. Mumford has two children with his wife Joelle Permutt. He enjoys competing in triathlons, cycling, fly fishing and coaching. One day, he hopes to finish editing his novel about his experiences wandering around the world.

Samuel Chua
Jones Lang LaSalle

Part designer, researcher, culture hacker, Sam is a consultant and team member of Jones Lang LaSalle’s global Workplace Strategy practice.

He helps corporations and institutions envision, develop, and embrace smarter workplaces and work cultures.

Prior to Jones Lang LaSalle, Sam majored in cognitive science at Yale, studied shopping behavior across the States with Envirosell, and helped shape people-centered places with DEGW. He also once designed, wrote, and published a guide to some of Malaysia’s best food.

Currently based out of JLL’s Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore, Sam is also a founding member of (and periodic coworker at) HUB Singapore – the network’s first in Asia – and lives in a little shophouse that moonlights as one of Singapore’s top Airbnb destinations. He tweets @samuelchua.

Manuel Zea Barral
Coworking Spain

Manuel Zea Barral. Is an architect, founder of 2arquitectos in 2006. In 2007 founded one of the first coworking spaces in Spain: Working Space (Madrid).

In 2010 he founded the platform Coworkingspain.es, and now is working promoting the coworking culture, publicizing coworking spaces in Spain, Fostering the collaboration among coworkers and trying to link all the spaces in a common movement.

Steve King
Emergent Research

Steve is a partner at Emergent Research where he leads ongoing research identifying, analyzing and forecasting global trends and shifts impacting businesses and society.

Steve’s current research is focused on independent workers, micro-businesses, workplace change and the future of work.

Prior to founding Emergent Research, Steve held a number of management and marketing positions including Vice President of Corporate Marketing for Macromedia, Vice President and General Manager Asia-Pacific for Lotus Development Corporation, and Vice President of Marketing for Isys Corporation.

Steve is a Senior Fellow at the Society for New Communications Research and an advisory board member at Pond Ventures. Steve blogs on the future of small business at www.smallbizlabs.com.

Craig McAnsh
Mojo Coworking

Craig McAnsh of Mojo Coworking, is a twenty-five year veteran of the advertising & marketing industries.

He has received high acclaim for his strategic, non-traditional approach to solving problems and creating opportunities that build business. He has proven experience in forging connections between consumers and brands by generating big ideas that leverage the excitement of entertainment, sports, music and popular culture.

Current clients include Turner Broadcasting, Intel, Microsoft, RPMC/RedPeak, Dunn & Bradstreet Credibility Corp, Renew Life, Designing Health, Smart Foods Bakery, Mirabella Style, Comcast among others.

Before moving to Asheville to launch Native Marketing, McAnsh was owner of ideArchitect, an Atlantabase idea consultancy. McAnsh also headed the Atlanta office of RPMC, Inc. where he helped clients as diverse as Kodak, Turner Broadcasting, HBO, General Motors, CNN, PBS, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s build
their business with advertising and experiential marketing ideas.

From 1995 – 2001, McAnsh was SVP of Marketing for Turner Broadcasting’s Cartoon Network. His strategic and creative leadership helped grow the all-cartoon channel from a cable newcomer to the top of the viewership and brand charts in less than 6 years.

In April 2011, McAnsh founded Mojo Coworking in Asheville. Mojo Coworking offers a unique coworking environment that plugs you in to the energy, collaboration, inspiration and ideas you can use to be your best – socially, creatively, entrepreneurially, consciously, joyfully. Mojo Coworking recently expanded to a
brand new 4,500 square foot location in downtown Asheville.

McAnsh is currently in the process of launching STIR. Stir is a new non-profit organization whose mission is to stimulate greater creative flow in the world. Stir will officially launch in 2013 with a curated gathering of creative agitators who come together in Asheville to stir up innovative solutions for some of the most stagnant issues of our time.

He currently lives in Asheville with his wife and has a passion for nature, travel and creativity.

Ashley Proctor
Creative Blueprint

Ashley Proctor has been working with creative collaborators for the past twelve years.

She is the founder of Creative Blueprint, an innovative company that offers studios, services and supports for emerging artists andentrepreneurs. Creative Blueprint currently manages and operates two unique Artist Work Studio locations in Toronto, Ontario in addition to the CB Gallery – a newly renovated downtown art gallery in TheFoundery Buildings.

Ashley also manages Foundery, a multi-faceted coworking and event space.

As a proud founding member of the Coworking Toronto and Coworking Ontario collectives, Ashley is thrilled to be working with such an inspiring group of innovators from around the world. Ashley has been named as a Finalist for the Toronto Business Development Centre’s Excellence in Perseverance Award, the Excellence in Youth Entrepreneurship Award, and the national Impact Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Jenny Poon

Jenny Poon is the founder of downtown Phoenix’s first coworking space, CO+HOOTS.

Her background in design and marketing led her to build a place where she could connect with like-minded folks that are just as passionate about creating and the growth of the Phoenix entrepreneurial scene as she is. Her passion lies in analyzing information and developing cohesive and clever campaigns that communicate effectively to the right audience. She has worked over 10 years in team environments and has used her experience to develop a community that breeds inspiration and collaboration for entrepreneurs everywhere in Phoenix.

Jenny has made a name in the Phoenix metropolitan area as one of the most connected creatives. Her next community project melds her skills and passions in developing the new Washington Row (Phoenix’s Entrepreneurial Corridor) with the support of the City of Phoenix.

Elton Rivas
CoWork Jax

Elton is a serial entrepreneur, triathlete, speaker and passionate human. He’s also a Co-Founder of @coworkjax and @beonespark.

He currently lives in Jacksonville, FL and just 3 years ago jumped back out from the stability of corporate america. Now, as the founder/co-founder/advisor of a variety of ventures from construction companies to footwear to tech startups, Elton Rivas is taking the lessons learned from his experiences to help expand CoWork Jax and lead the charge for One Spark 2013, the world’s first crowdfunding festival (beonespark.com). As one of the driving forces behind Northeast Florida’s rapidly emerging entrepreneurial community he serves on multiple boards and is a believer in urban renewal and downtown revitalization.

Sam Rosen

As founder of Desktime, The Coop & One Design Company he’s established a well-respected reputation as an entrepreneur and design aficionado.

Sam Rosen has a make-it-happen methodology. Hailing from the Windy City, this Chicagoan balances most his time between running Desktime an online software for managing and sharing coworking spaces online. The idea for Desktime came about after Sam opened The Coop, one of Chicago’s premier coworking spots and soon learned there wasn’t the right tool out there to operate it—he’d have to build it.

In addition to being highly creative, with an eye for design and a passion for the intersect where design and technology meet, Sam likes spending time at making art with The Post Family, taking walks with his dog Eli and eating delicious food around the globe.

David Singer
Somerset Media Properties

David has over 30 years’ experience in the real estate industry as a lawyer and investor. In addition, David heads Somerset Media Properties, LLC.

An investment fund that has bought into bricks and mortar real estate as well as new media properties, such as the Huffington Post, Betaworks, and Lerer Ventures. About a year ago, when he was contemplating the best physical platform from which to pursue these endeavors, he discovered the future: the wonderful world of coworking, attended GCUC last year and has since dived head first into the collaborative workspace waters. David recently led an angel funding round with Grind, and has joined the Grind management team (see the Benjamin Dyett bio for more about Grind).

In his spare time David serves on the school board in Harrison, New York; he’s also a dad, husband, and former trumpet player….

David got his undergraduate degree from Tufts University and his JD from American University Washington College of Law.

Barbara Sprenger
Satellite Telework Centers

Barbara is co-founder and CEO of Satellite Telework Centers, a startup providing shared, professional, green workspace.

Satellite Telework Centers provide workspaces in neighborhoods and small towns for the growing number of people who can work anywhere — and automated, cloud-based, simple management software for the growing number of people developing cowork spaces.

Barbara holds a Master of Public Policy degree from the Leon Panetta Institute and California State University at Monterey Bay and a bachelors with highest honors in Economics from UC Santa Cruz. She previously co-founded Mountaingate Engineering, developing innovative manufacturing equipment to help industry meet Clean Air Act requirements. Barbara is passionately concerned about the changing workplace and its impact, both good and bad, on families, communities, the environment, and bottom lines.

The Satellite has recently opened its fourth site so commuters/startups/consultants/home-based businesses can get off the roads, off the kitchen table, and out of Starbucks.

Matthew Tuerk

Matthew Tuerk is the Assistant Director of the Allentown Economic Development Corporation (AEDC).

AEDC helps site selection consultants, Lehigh Valley entrepreneurs, and existing Allentown businesses to find opportunities in Allentown, PA. Matthew provides strategic and financial direction to AEDC, a small, entrepreneurial non-profit. He has helped AEDC transform itself and become a 21st-century economic development organization, leveraging a host of new technologies to assist clients and better manage the organization. AEDC’s Hive 4A initiative is the product of his partnership with Executive Director Scott Unger and represents a commitment to supporting collaborative entrepreneurship in the Lehigh Valley.

Prior to joining AEDC, Matthew worked internationally for telecom and media firms, managing budgeting and operations. A committed urbanist, Matthew volunteers for the Allentown Shade Tree Commission and Old Allentown Preservation Association. He received his BS in International Business from the College of Charleston and his IMBA from the University of South Carolina’s Moore School of Business. Matthew lives in downtown Allentown with his wife and two daughters.

Craig Baute
Creative Density

Craig Baute is the founder of Creative Density and the Denver coworking coalition, Denver Coworks.

He has been active in the coworking scenes of Michigan, Canada, and Colorado since 2009.

Craig’s latest project is focused on helping business centers and corporations enter coworking based on the values and community focus that has made coworking so successful. With this new project launching in March 2013 he will help expand coworking throughout the US in a way that the GCUC would be proud of.

Kelley Hilborn

Kelley Hilborn is a Community Development Manager for SoftLayer and manages Community Development as well as Catalyst operations.

He manages these in the eastern region of the US and Canada. Kelley also serves as the technical liaison between SoftLayer and technology-based startup companies everywhere.

Prior to joining SoftLayer, Kelley spent 18 years in Information Technology Infrastructure where he managed support, infrastructure, administration, VoIP, networking, and security for companies such as Interstate Batteries, Time Warner, and The Planet. Kelley is an avid health and fitness nut, and is really tall.

Juicy Speaker!
Details Forthcoming

Check back soon as speaker commitments get confirmed. We promise you will be amazed at the outstanding lineup for GCUC 2013!


Liz Elam
Link Coworking

Liz Elam stands at the forefront of a movement, shaping the future of work itself while running her own innovative business.

After graduating from Texas A&M, she worked for Dell for 15 years. Throughout the climb to her final position as Global Account Manager, she was consistently named one of Dell’s top sales representatives as she handled multi-million dollar accounts on the tech giant’s behalf.

Post-Dell, Liz cemented her plan to become an entrepreneur in an emerging field. Having been a telecommuter, she recognized the importance of alternatives to increase productivity and work-life balance for professionals in non-traditional environments and thus conceived the idea for Link Coworking. She proudly opened its doors in Austin, Texas, in 2010 and has since become a prominent voice in the Coworking movement.

Chris Mach

As Global Workplace Strategist at AT&T, Chris sees the tools, policies, and physical environment of the 21st century workplace rapidly changing.

In his role, Chris is responsible for integrating research, project-oriented activities, and evolving technologies into a cohesive vision within AT&T’s Evolving Workplace Program. His current research and development focus is on the “Third Workplace “– not the home, not the office, but various public, on-demand private and Coworking venues from where people are increasingly performing work. Chris helps to shape the company’s vision for meeting the needs of the mobile worker-consumer.

Brad Krauskopf
Hub Australia

Brad is an entrepreneur, innovator and speaker that is passionate about connecting the dots to create new business models and ways of working.

As CEO of Hub Australia, Australia’s largest coworking community, which he founded in 2011, Brad works with small and large organisations across Australia to drive innovation through collaboration across sectors, disciplines and generations.

His most recent venture is Third Spaces, which works with business, government and the community with an aim to enable a national network of shared workspaces in Australia. He is an ambassador for the Connected Village and part of the Leadership Group of the Shared Value Project.

Todd O’Neill

Todd O’Neill, Managing Director of DoingMedia LLC, has worked in some aspect of electronic media communication for more than 25 years.

His professional mission: Empower people to leverage electronic media for their communication objectives.

Todd began his career as a video producer and director, and then transitioned to multimedia production and then to online content strategy, interaction design and ecommerce production.

He has recently joined the faculty of the Electronic Media Communications Department at Middle Tennessee State University as Assistant Professor for New Media.

Todd is big believer in community and has been involved in professional associations for his entire career. He was national President of the MCA-I, founding member of the Content Management Professionals and was on the board of the San Antonio Chapter of the American Advertising Federation.

Todd was the catalyst for San Antonio’s first coworking space, C4 Workspace. Opened in June 2009, C4 Workspace provided solos, startups, consultants and creatives with a coffee shop alternative; a professional environment where they could collaborate and connect with others. C4 Workspace was one of hundreds of coworking spaces across the U.S. and around the world. The space closed in September 2011.

Susan Dorsch
Office Nomads

Susan Dorsch started Office Nomads in Seattle in 2007 with business partner Jacob Sayles.

With a background in sociology, she strongly believes that coworking spaces play a key role in the health of cities, neighborhoods, and social ecosystems worldwide. Susan knows our movement will continue to positively impact the world for generations to come if we stay focused on our the values of coworking – openness, sustainability, community, accessibility and collaboration.

Jeremy Neuner

In addition to being the CEO of NextSpace, Jeremy is also the comedic relief, the tragic hero, and the getaway car driver.

Jeremy began his career as an officer and carrier-based helicopter pilot in the U.S. Navy. Jeremy also worked as a management and strategy consultant in Washington, DC, helping clients create partnerships between the public and private sectors. Before starting NextSpace, Jeremy served as the economic development manager for the City of Santa Cruz.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature from Georgetown University and a master’s degree in business and government policy from Harvard University. But he’s learned the most from playing LEGO’s with his kids.

Jeremy tries to live by this rule: take your job seriously, but not yourself. Fun Fact: Jeremy can juggle flaming torches. Cool, no?

Cindy Solano

Mrs. Cindy Solano is currently the Lead Lender Relations Specialist with the U. S. Small Business Administration San Antonio District.

She has been with the SBA for 25 years and her primary duty is to train the lending community about the SBA loan programs in all facets from eligibility and loan structure, closing, servicing issues, and training and guidance on preparation of liquidation packages.

She currently serves as the Project Officer for the Small Business Development Center’s in San Antonio, El Paso, and Harlingen. Her responsibility is oversight of one Regional Center and 13 Sub SBDC Centers covering one-third of West Texas. She conducts annual in-depth examinations of each center, requiring programmatic, financial, and training reviews.

Kevin Kuske

Kevin is Chief Brand Anthropologist for Turnstone, a Steelcase brand striving to help entrepreneurs succeed through space, culture and innovation.

Turnstone uses design thinking, inspired by our partnership with IDEO, Institute of Design in Chicago and Steelcase, to sustainably solve entrepreneurial problems. Culture, brand and people matter. We help great companies maximize their impact by helping design the right palette of places to work. So much innovation, financial, social and sustainable change, comes from entrepreneurs and we passionately believe shared space is a critical option they need to have.

Nick Longo

Starting in his real Coffeehouse, which became one of the first Internet Cafes in the world, Nick founded CoffeeCup Software in 1996.

After launching startup operations and achieving dramatic sales growth and expansion, Nick ultimately sold the company after 11 years as the Founder & CEO of one of the most popular early brands on the Internet. With a successful background in developing and marketing revolutionary Web Design software, building a multi-million-dollar software company from the ground up, leveraging emerging technologies to drive innovative marketing initiatives, and forging strong customer relationships and strategic partnerships, Nick is proud to have established himself as a valued contributor to the Web for the last 17 years.

Combining Nick’s core strengths in brand management, Web marketing, product development, word-of-mouth marketing, and business development, Nick has created dozens of Web design software products and services for over 50 million users worldwide, including Bluedomino Web hosting, the first working version of the Rackspace Cloud. Nick has also written a book on Web Design (My Website is Better than Yours) and received an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Endicott College for his contributions to the Internet and Society.

In 1 year Nick has taken Geekdom from 0 members to over 500 which occupies 45,000 sq ft of the Weston Centre in downtown San Antonio. The secret sauce for Geekdom is a tech focus where members must give back 1 hour a week to another member or give a workshop once a month on their expertise. This combined with mentorship & education programs as a part of the daily fabric has made Geekdom the ultimate gym membership for geeks.

Rena Tom
Makeshift Society

Rena is a strategist and matchmaker who consults with both retailers and product designers on the intricacies of small-batch manufacturing and boutique retail.

She is also the founder of Makeshift Society, San Francisco’s first coworking space and clubhouse for creative freelancers, and is Market Editor of Anthology Magazine. She is deeply involved in many different communities – maker, designer, entrepreneur – in an effort to encourage collisions and foster new collaborative projects. Previously, she owned Rare Device, a store and art gallery with locations in Brooklyn and San Francisco. Rena has also operated a successful jewelry design and invitation design business, and during the first Web boom, she was a web content management consultant. Her first job out of college was being a web smurf for the company that invented the 3D page curl.

Don Ball
CoCo Coworking

Don Ball is a partner at CoCo coworking and collaborative space in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which was founded in early 2010.

Given CoCo’s proximity to nearly 20 Fortune 500 corporations, Don has helped design and conduct many experiments in corporate coworking. Prior to joining the coworking revolution, Don was a longtime usability consultant and freelance marketing copywriter.

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