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The 2013 Global Coworking Unconference Conference will host Coworking leaders from all over the globe for a full day of in-depth discussion and high-level panels that will touch on important topics to the future of the Coworking movement. We are looking for media partners who want first-hand experience with this amazing Coworking event and who wish to be recognized for their involvement.

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  • Shareable
  • The nature of the spaces we work in determines how we work, the quality of our creation, and our satisfaction along the way. Until recently, the form and function of workspaces has been dictated by corporate tradition. Yet a growing proportion of workers are now freelancers, contractors or small companies that have the opportunity to redefine the concept of the workspace for themselves.

    Deskmag is the magazine about the new type of work and their places, how they look, how they function, how they could be improved and how we work in them. We especially focus on coworking spaces which are home to the new breed of independent workers and small companies.

  • Twine Collective is a life-long project that supports innovation, community collaboration and the exploration of our inner and outer worlds. We create independent, high quality offerings rooted in our drive to integrate play and purpose. Our magazine covers travel, food and relationships (sprinkled with fiction and poetry) from a mindful perspective.
  • SiliconHillsNews is a start-up technology news site covering the Austin and San Antonio region, known as Silicon Hills. We write stories about entrepreneurs, companies, technology events and issues and creative people.
    The founder of Silicon Hills News Laura Lorek. Like many of the companies that they cover, they run a lean operation. She began this site after she won one of four $12,000 awards in the J-Lab and McCormick Foundation’s New Media Women Entrepreneur 2011 program. That grant provided the seed funding to get the site going. This month marks their one year anniversary.
  • Shareable is the online magazine that tells the story of sharing. We cover the people and projects bringing a shareable world to life. And share how-tos so you can make sharing real in your life.

    In a shareable world, things like car sharing, clothing swaps, childcare coops, potlucks, and cohousing make life more fun, green, and affordable. When we share, not only is a better life possible, but so is a better world.

    The remarkable successes of sharing projects like Zipcar, Wikipedia, Freecycle, Kiva, and Creative Commons show this. They tell a hopeful story about human nature and our future, one we don’t hear enough in the mainstream media.

  • Officing Today is the number one independent global news and information resource for the serviced, co-working, meeting space, and virtual office marketplace. Every day OT shines the spotlight on the things that matter most, in the form of fast breaking news, original articles, editorials from thought leaders, interviews, and curated content from all over the world. OT is read by everyone from large multi-national business center owners and operators to small-scale independent business center and coworking operators, as well as by companies providing products and services to the marketplace.